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Op de website van de Kathmandu Post is een artikel over de Vajra Academy te lezen.

Eco-friendly school

A school set up a solar steam kitchen plant, "the first of its kind" innovative technology in the country.

"Our aim is to set an example as an eco-friendly school," said Ram Kaji Paudel, chairman of Vajra Academy. "We do not use other sources of energy -- firewood, gas, kerosene -- to cook food for students and staff in the hostel."

The plant, a German technique, has 10 separate reflectors, five heat-receiving stations, insulated iron pipe linked to kitchen-oven with a capacity to hold at least 200 litres of water and a photoelectric battery. When the sun rays fall on the reflectors, this converts water into vapour, which is used for cooking purpose.

The plant, said Paudel, was installed by an Indian solar company at a cost of Rs. 4.5 million. 

It is more useful for institutions, such as hostel, hospital, army camps that requires a lot energy for cooking, said Paudel. The plant’s operation is very simple and it can store energy for 12 hours.

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