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The Vajra Academy is a school that in particular hosts talented Nepalese children from lower castes and poor families. This school, profiled ‘the first green and eco-friendly school in Nepal’, offers high-quality education, which in Nepal is scarce and therefore highly needed.

The Vajra Academy as opened in 2007:


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On its roof the school boasts ten large parabolic solar dishes for heating water and supplying steam to the kitchen, where every day hundreds of meals are being prepared. The school owns a dairy farm that produces milk for the students, and cow dung that is used in the biogas installation. The gas from this installation is used for cooking when the sun does not shine. The holistic approach of at the Vajra Academy stimulates creativity of the students and helps them to think ‘in solutions’ rather than ‘in problems’. Have a look at the 8-minute video Rujila's dream featuring one out of many Vajra students receiving a scholarship. Teenager Rujila explains and shows how she is working to achieve her dream: becoming a teacher. In 2007, the Vajra Academy opened its doors with a nursery, kindergarten and three primary-school classes. Every year since the school has been extended with a new class. In 2012, a hostel building was constructed, with dormitories, a library and a computer room. Currently, the Vajra Academy is collecting funds for the extension of the school with a building with additional classrooms. Vajra Foundation has been endorsed by the Dutch authorities as ‘organisation with a donee status’, qualifying for receiving tax-deductible and tax-exempt donations. Your contribution will be spent entirely to the project mentioned, as Vajra Foundation has no overhead cost whatsoever: no salaries, no cost for travel, no office rent, no corporate cars etc.

The proposed extension of the Vajra Academy:

Bouwplan VAAC

Details of the Vajra Academy:

  • Bank Account (IBAN): NL96 INGB 0003 2370 25
  • Bank: ING Bank
  • Bank address: Amsterdam, the Netherlands
  • Dutch name of the foundation: Stichting Vajra
  • Foundations address: Amsterdam, the Netherlands

For more information please write to: Dit e-mailadres wordt beveiligd tegen spambots. JavaScript dient ingeschakeld te zijn om het te bekijken.